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All about PageBeast and the company behind it...Digitera
PageBeast, powered by Digitera
Welcome to PageBeast, a collection of tools to accelerate your marketing in order to further your reach.

ack in 2004, our Founder Jordan St Jacques was in the entertainment promotions business. Through fate, he was introduced to the new (at the time) MySpace, and became one of the first power-users on this site. Over the next 18 months, he grew the world’s first million-plus “friends” profile, and used it to sell more tickets to events…in effect creating one of the first ever digital marketing sales funnels. Fast-forward to 2013 when he left that business and launched the Digitera agency, with best-in-class growth hacking skills serving clients all around the world.

At Digitera, we operate at a Masterclass level with respect to saving time through efficient tools. If there’s a tool already out there in the industry, we’re happy to just be a customer of that company and use their tool. However, there are many occasions where the tools out there just aren’t good enough to satisfy the advanced needs of both our customers and ourselves. As such, we’ve been coding our own platforms for internal use since 2018…and are now releasing them to the public in both self-serve and managed services. Currently, we have Chatbot+, SMS and Twitter…with Instagram coming up next and more planned for the future.