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Some questions about us

About PageBeast

PageBeast is a brand name owned by Digitera that represents a number of advanced and efficient Growth Hacking tools. Please see the Tools page for a current listing of all our offerings.

About Chatbot+

Chatbot+ is a robust platform that primarily allows you to create your own Chat Bot for Facebook Messenger, through either a standard workflow or a drag-and-drop enabled Visual Flow Builder. It also has many other features, which can be seen on the dedicated Chatbot+ page on our site.

About SMS+

SMS+ is our efficient text message marketing tool. When used properly, text messaging can drive extraordinary results for your bottom line. Entertainment, Retail, Restaurants and more make use of SMS+, and often see same-day sales increases.

About Twitter+

Twitter+ is an advanced Twitter growth marketing tool designed to allow you to grow your Followers and engage your audience all from one platform. ReTweet great content automatically, Schedule posts for strategic engagement, send Direct Messages and more…it’s all doable through Twitter+.